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McGill University

Head Football Coach


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Jan 12, 2024


Position Summary

The McGill University Athletic Department is seeking a dynamic, organized leader with high-level skills to serve as Head Coach of the Redbirds football team. Duties include overseeing all technical, tactical and strategic aspects of team operations, as well as recruiting student-athletes, developing skills and monitoring the academic success of student-athletes. The incumbent understands the importance of the student-athlete experience and has a proven track record of building a positive team culture based on excellence. The McGill football program is rich in tradition and requires an individual who will lead by respecting and supporting the values ​​of the University. McGill is an internationally renowned academic institution that promotes excellence in the classroom and on the playing field based on the ethical values ​​of respect, equity and diversity. The McGill University football team is participating in the U SPORTS RSEQ (Quebec Student Sports Network) conference. Main Responsibilities

Reporting to the Director of Athletic Programs, the Head Coach ensures that the program operates in an environment that promotes the holistic development of student-athletes and recognizes the values ​​of the University.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: administering, organizing and structuring training camps, training camps, practices and sports operations; develop and ensure the implementation of seasonal football plans; establish annual and four-year performance objectives.
Develop, own and implement strategies to improve the football program as a whole.
Develop a recruitment program adapted to internal admission processes and provide support for the recruitment of high-level student-athletes at the provincial, national and international levels.
Build positive and mutually respectful relationships within the football community regionally, provincially and nationally.
Provide support for the student-athlete academic success program.
Collaborate with the Assistant Director of University Athletic Philanthropy and further develop relationships with alumni, donors and the McGill Redbirds campus community.
Effectively supervise all football program coaches and support staff in accordance with University internal policies and timelines.
Manage overall football program budgets, including required regular reporting. Assume fiscal responsibility for the program.
Perform administrative tasks such as organizing all staff and student-athlete meetings, validating student-athlete registration and eligibility processes.
Perform administrative duties such as organizing all staff and student-athlete meetings, participating in all hiring committees related to football personnel.
Recommend and award athletic scholarships in accordance with U SPORTS and university regulations, ensuring all award criteria are met.
Comply with all University, RSEQ and U SPORTS regulations.

Other Skills And/or Abilities

Applicants must hold a competitive development certification level recognized by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Equivalent coaching certifications will be considered.
Proven ability to develop and implement a successful recruiting program for high-performance student-athletes.
At least five years of experience working with high-performance football student-athletes.
Proven success in developing and maintaining relationships with student-athletes, staff, students, media, alumni and donors.
Excellent communicator and leadership style characterized by enthusiasm, integrity and ethics.
Knowledge of French and English: McGill University is an English-speaking university where daily tasks may require communication in English, both oral and written. The level of English required for this position was rated at 4 on a scale of 0 to 4.
Evening and weekend work required.

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