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Jordan Football Association

Jordan Football Association

Goalkeeping Coach – U17 Women’s National Team


Role Type



Posting Date

Sep 12, 2023

Role description

About the job
Duties and Responsibilities:


Improve and increase the performance and behaviour of the team and players in line with the Long-term development plan of the JFA.

Main tasks

Give training sessions and attend matches for U17 Girls National.
Participate in other activity if the management is asking for (workshops, scouting activity’s, participation with JFA Youth plan.


The goalkeeper coach gives independently training session.
The goalkeeper coach is responsible for the atmosphere in his team that the players can develop themselves in a natural way.
The goalkeeper coach organizes independently activities for his team.
The goalkeeper coach works out and executes independently the player’s evaluations and player follow system.
The goalkeeper coach is working closely, communicates clearly to the team staff.
The goalkeeper coach is reporting the performance and activities to his supervisor.


At training sessions
Informs and involves goalkeepers with executing the training session.
Prepares his training sessions.
Make week plan according to the long-term development plan.
Formulates clear objectives for the training session.
Evaluates the training session.
Is adjusting the training exercises to the level of the players and team.
Choose for a step-by-step approach in the training sessions.
Controls and improve the performance of the players and team.

At matches
Motivate, stimulate, and makes players enthusiastic.
Stimulate sportive and fair play.
Informs the goalkeepers what was good and need to improve.
Analyses the match recognizes football problems and formulates targets for the training sessions.
Is an example for the players?
Supports the team coach at the team activity before the match. To guide the players. (Lunch, traveling etc)

Management team staff.

Informs team staff about the training contents.
Discuses and explain with his staff what went well and need what needs to improve.

Organizing of activities

Make use of the development plan
Working together with others.
Reports about the preparation, execution, and evaluation of the activities to his supervisor
Take responsibility and take decisions.


Goalkeeper coach level 2 or going to follow Level 3 in the period of contract.
AFC-B license or is going to follow the B-license course during his contract period.


2 years as goalkeeper coach
As player (youth) in professional football
As sport instructor at school is an advantage.

Skills and knowledge

Computer skills
Able to give a technical example on the field.
Leadership skills and ability to influence and make change.
Communication skills.
Pedagogy skills, how to deal with children.
Basic knowledge of English.

Invest in a professionally

designed CV.
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