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Bloomsbury Football Foundation

Bloomsbury Football Foundation

Football Summer Internships


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Mar 5, 2024


Bloomsbury Football Foundation is changing the game, and we need great people to help us on our journey!

Bloomsbury Football Foundation uses football as the vehicle to engage over 5,000 young people a week with our programmes designed to improve the lives of young people, with an emphasis on soft skills development, improvements in physical and mental health, as well as improving social cohesion in our communities by bringing young people of all socioeconomic backgrounds together.

Our summer internship programme is a great opportunity to get paid experience working in football and in the third sector. Past interns have gone on to take on roles with us in both part- and full-time capacity. Our summer internship programme typically consists of four 4-day weeks across the summer holidays.

The summer 2024 internship areas available are:


- Monitoring and evaluation/data processing.

- Data collection by getting down to sessions.

- Fundraising research


- Identifying workflow issues and building systems to overcome these workflow issues.

- Leveraging customer data to predict user experience issues to be solved in the future.

- Assisting other staff with website functionality.


- Content creation.

- Digital community management.

- Research.

Camps coordination

- Data reporting.

- Assisting on holiday camps and coordination of these - driving attendances.

- Reporting on data analytics around our holiday camps.

Super Leagues

Summer Tournaments (early summer)

- Event planning (tournament schedules etc.)

- Communications and admin (email and phone contact with participating clubs, invoicing, registration)

- Social media strategy and content creation

Pre-Season Planning (late summer)

- Community outreach/expansion (recruitment for league, local partnerships)

- Administrative support (fixtures scheduling, player registration)

- Communications (contact with clubs, chasing forms and entry fees)


- Data analysis/visualisation

- Technology research

- Stakeholder interviews

Desirable skills, experience and knowledge

Proficient in Microsoft, particularly excel admin
Detail orientated

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