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Aspire Academy

Football Physiologist


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Jun 26, 2024


About the job
ASPIRE Academy - We are world-class in our pursuit of Sports excellence. Your expertise will help us reach our goals.

At Aspire, we develop well-educated sports champions and foster Qatar society by promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. As a Football Analyst, you will ensure the implementation and operation of video, e-scouting, and performance reporting systems for all Aspire football players and teams.

You will provide a specialized applied football physiology service to assigned Aspire coaches, athletes, and related football performance and medical professionals. This role involves load monitoring, testing, data analysis, dissemination of results, and relevant applied research, resulting in improved physiological preparation for sporting excellence, in accordance with the aims and objectives of Aspire. Central to this position is the need to import and implement new concepts and technology to develop cutting-edge programs in football physiology (sports science).

We are a highly regarded team of professionals who love challenges and working under pressure in a fast-paced, highly collaborative, and athlete-focused environment. Together, we’ll be a passionate team, synergizing with a great commitment to excellence and the well-being of our student-athletes, especially in football, to create and deliver high-performance support services and environments to prepare athletes and coaches for international competition.

What will you do - Main responsibilities:

Provide input into the athletic schedule regarding the sports science provisions, including load monitoring, testing, growth & maturity analysis, and research activities.
Manage the load monitoring equipment to ensure its availability and proper functioning for the relevant provision of data during training sessions and matches.
Ensure the development and implementation of best practices and maintenance of data quality control procedures and accuracy of analysis.
Utilize GPS technology to monitor and analyze players' physical exertion during training sessions and matches.
Design and implement protocols for athletes to provide self-reported data related to their physical and mental well-being.
Implement processes to ensure optimal training loads based on individual player characteristics, position, and upcoming fixtures.
Implement and interpret quality-assured field and laboratory football physiology test protocols in consultation with coaches and players.
Collect physiological and biochemical performance data during training and competition to better understand the physiological requirements of football.
Assess anthropometric measurements to track players' growth and maturity status accurately.
Prepare comprehensive reports for coaches and athletes, including the interpretation of results.
Provide state-of-the-art information on training, assessment, programming, and recovery procedures to coaches and athletes.
Use appropriate statistical analysis to derive insights from data for informed decision-making and performance optimization.
Collaborate on applied research projects which contribute to improving the effectiveness of the coach and athlete in training and competition.
Monitor new developments in the field of football performance in general and football physiology in particular.

Qualifications and requirements:

3-5 years of experience working with elite and/or developmental athletes, with 1 year in a similar position/responsibility, preferably in a similar industry.
Master of Science (MSc) in Sport Science or any other related area.
Proven ability to implement and, when necessary, design applied football physiological procedures.
Demonstrated ability to communicate with coaches and athletes in a way that converts complex physiological principles and techniques into sports language.
Proven ability to apply specialist skills in resolving applied football physiological problems.
Demonstrated ability of effective communication, consultation, and liaison with management, peers, and client groups.
Proven personal and professional skills related to dealing with ASPIRE student-athletes from widely diverse age groups and backgrounds. Demonstrated ability to work within a team as well as independently, possessing a high level of personal initiative and autonomy.
Demonstrated ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team.
Basic understanding of the principles of coaching, strength and conditioning for sport, and sport nutrition.
English - written and spoken; Arabic is considered an additional value.

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