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Grasport International

Grasport International

Football Coach (India)

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Jan 4, 2023

Role description

"Grasport is an established sports management startup with a strong ideology, to make organized sports accessible to all by partnering with private public schools, universities, and gated communities across the country.\nGrasport is a Sports Umbrella in its own right, where it has brought together the entire sports ecosystem under one roof with its unique sports services.\nYou will be assigned Grasport coaches who will be assigned and deployed to the school located in India. You are expected to perform your duty with the utmost dedication and passion. At Grasport you are not just a trainer/coach, you are an educator who will be responsible for producing athletes capable of representing our nation.\nYou will work throughout LTAD programs using state-of-the-art equipment and technology with the full support of management.\nPosition: Sports Educator – Soccer Coach\nQualifications: B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, Respective Sports Certification and Relevant Experience.\nRequirements:\n\n\nGood communication skills.\nExperience in Teaching School Students.\nYou must be familiar with technology.\nMust be willing to Grow and Learn.\nSpecialization in Specific Sport.\n\nFunctions:\n\nFull-time Sports Coach/Educator to teach curriculum-based sports and physical education at the school.\nEducate and Teach Sports from the fundamental level to the competitive level in the School.\nCommunicate with parents in PTM about student performance and feedback.\nCreate a competitive and productive sports environment in the school.\nYoumust be familiar with the technology platform and must use it for daily activities.\nMust be proactive while teaching classes and coaching students/school teams.\nMaintenance and monitoring of sports equipment and infrastructure, giving feedback.\nParticipation in the Personal and Professional Development Program.\n\nResponsibilities:\n\nAssistance and evaluations: according to the schedule and the study plan.\nMust be presentable at all times – Uniform\nScouting the school team: selection and training of the team\nPreparation of tournaments and events\nReporting to school and operations managers.\nSearch for sporting events and keep track of upcoming tournaments and events.\n\n"

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