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Sunderland AFC

Sunderland AFC

Football and Sports Coach - Casual


Role Type



Posting Date

Dec 6, 2022

Role description

Responsibilities and duties relevant to this Role:

Work with groups of young people on sports coaching.
Write appropriate session outcomes of the evening and weekend programmes.
Deliver soccer courses or specialised holiday programmes
Keep up to date with relevant coaching/sport training
Work closely with other staff to meet Foundation of Light targets
Keep course files
Deliver a high quality customer service.

Administration and M&E responsibilities and duties:

Work within the established administrative and financial systems to ensure smooth running and quality of projects
Complete relevant administration for partner agencies
Produce accurate ad hoc reports as requested
Answer internal and external queries in relation to your role in a timely and professional manner
Ensure all risk assessments, lesson files and session plans are up to date, in place and signed where relevant
Ensure databases are updated on a regular basis with correct information
Contribute to the Self-Assessment process and work to the agreed objectives for your team and the organisation

Development/Donor responsibilities and duties:

Contribute to the processes of forward planning and development of programmes.
Identify PR opportunities and case studies
Build strong and lasting external business relationships with partners, donors and agencies

Delivery responsibilities and duties:

Deliver sessions in line with lesson plans and the requirements of the programmes, ensuring the timetable is serviced at all times
Deliver holiday, evening and weekend sessions as required by the timetable
Provide a high-quality, excellent customer/participant experience

Behaviour and Professional responsibilities and duties:

Maintain working practices in line with Foundation of Light Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies; self-awareness of own responsibility in these areas
Ensure regulatory and legislative requirements are met at all times
Conduct should reflect the Staff Behaviour Policy (Code of Conduct); uphold Foundation core values (as shown below) at all times
Maintain the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.
Attend working groups and CPD session as required
Build strong internal relationships
Work in collaboration with colleagues to achieve the end goal
Ensure positive organisational messages and culture are maintained
Contribute to good housekeeping across all Foundation sites and equipment
Follow the laid down policies and procedures at all times

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