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Leicester City FC

Leicester City FC

First Team Rehabilitation Physiotherapist


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Jan 15, 2024


About The Role
Leicester City Football Club are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Rehabilitation Physiotherapist to play a lead role in delivering an effective rehabilitation service to our First Team players, aiming to optimise rehabilitation so that injury risk is reduced and recovery time is minimised in support of our on-pitch aims.
Our Medical and Sport Science Department is comprised of experienced and skilled practitioners, working across a variety of disciplines at a world-class training facility. We are committed to developing robustness and optimising performance within our playing squad, as well as ensuring that injured players are safely and effectively returned to competition in the quickest possible timeframe. In order to achieve this, we strive to innovate and push boundaries, using clear processes, objectivity and continual reflection to guide us.  Staff within the departments are encouraged to make their own decisions and take ownership of the program, making a role within our department challenging but extremely rewarding.
Who We’re Looking For
The ideal candidate will have attained significant levels of experience assessing, treating and managing professional athletes within an elite professional sporting environment, preferably football.
In addition to a technical skillset, the successful candidate will be a strong leader within a multidisciplinary environment, possess high level communication skills and will be conscientious and unflappable to work in a high pressure and dynamic environment.

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