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Nov 17, 2023


We are excited to be searching for a pool of FA Women National League Club Consultants, who will be part of both the FA Club Network Strategy 2030 and the FA Women's National League (FA WNL) Strategy enabling clubs across T3 and T4 of the Women's Pyramid to flourish both on and off the pitch through the development of players, workforce, and infrastructure through the England Club Programme.

What You'll Do?

To support FA WNL clubs to achieve against the FA WNL Strategy; Empowering for Success 2022 to 2025.
To support FA WNL clubs to meet the FA WNL Minimum Standards for the 2024/25 season start.
To equip and empower FA WNL clubs to become sustainable clubs and community assets.
To support FA WNL clubs on their transformational journey of change through professional support services and expertise.
To ensure they are structured for success, capitalising on investment and funding opportunities.
To support them to become integrated within their community and to broaden and diversify their community offer whilst generating additional income streams.
To support FA WNL clubs with a holistic business perspective of themselves, focusing on 8 key themes of club assessment and development, putting in place strategic planning with clear objectives and actions.
To support clubs to become financially sustainable whilst being able to demonstrate their offer and impact both on and off the pitch, engaging with more people and other organisations to lead cultural change within their community.
To educate and enable club leaders and their football workforce to implement effective and efficient operations whilst inspiring exploration of new areas of development and opportunity.
Executes additional tasks as required in order to meet FA Group's changing priorities.
Comply with all company policies and procedures to ensure the highest standards of health, safety and wellbeing can be maintained.
As part of The FA's commitment to ensuring a safe environment for everyone in football, every employee will be required to complete a DBS check. The level of the check required will be based on the activity of the specific job role and in line with legislation and government guidance.

What You'll Need?

Essentially for the role:

We will be looking for people with knowledge of one or more of the following: FA WNL and Women's Football Pyramid. In addition to this, we welcome applications from those who have the following:

Knowledge and understanding of the Women's Football Pyramid particularly at T3 and T4.
Knowledge and understanding of how football clubs operate, including the processes and procedures they undertake during a season for the different levels of the game and competitions.
Experience working with or supporting successful organisations.
Ability to challenge in a constructive manner and respond to the developmental needs of individual clubs with the ability to listen to, and motivate, volunteers.
Experience in coaching, mentoring and/or supporting club officials in a positive and responsible manner.

Beneficial to also have:

Knowledge and understanding of one or more of the following and how they can support clubs to achieve their ambitions:

Identity, culture and philosophy.
Good governance standards, roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures and strategic planning.
Football development, creation of positive environments and inclusive offers.
Financial sustainability, accountability, and developments.
Volunteer retention, recruitment, training, and support.
Matchday and training facilities, capital projects and funding sources.
Community, partnerships, insight, and impact.
Marketing and communications.
Knowledge and understanding of the reflective practitioner.
Knowledge of the England Football Club Programme.

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