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Executive Director, Administration - Canada, FIFA World Cup 2026


Role Type



Posting Date

Sep 12, 2023

Role description

The FIFA World Cup 26 will mark the first time that the tournament features 48 teams and will be hosted by three countries: Canada, Mexico, and the USA.This new format redefines excellence, generating unique opportunities for greater participation and engagement from fans and players in North America and all over the world. Now is your time to be a game changer and join the workforce that is planning and delivering this unique and unforgettable experience.
Reporting organisationally to the Chief Tournament Officer Canada, the Executive Director of Administration Canada will be a key member of the FIFA26 Administration teams. They will work in close collaboration with the Workforce team and other key individuals responsible for managing administrative operations, logistics, and facilities to ensure smooth functioning of the office and provide support to the event's organizational needs in the country. Further, this role will oversee a wide range of administrative functions, including personnel management, office operations, facilities management, procurement, compliance, and policy implementation. Office Administration (encompassing Human Resources, Language Services, Benefits & Payroll, Volunteers, Recruiting, and Workforce) aims to deliver the most engaging, innovative, and accessible World Cup experience for all athletes, fans, partners, and the community.The main responsibilities and oversights of the Executive Director of Administration Canada for the FIFA World Cup 2026 include:• Oversee and manage administrative operations for the FIFA World Cup 2026 in Canada, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of the offices.• Develop and implement administrative policies, procedures, and systems to support the operational needs of the event.• Manage the administrative team, including hiring, training, and performance management, to ensure a high-performing and cohesive department.• Help coordinate logistics for the event and other related arrangements.• Manage office facilities to create a safe and productive working environment.• Develop and monitor budgets for administrative functions, ensuring effective allocation and utilization of resources.• Implement and enforce compliance with organizational policies, regulations, and legal requirements.• Help oversee procurement processes, vendor management, and contract negotiations to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality of services.• Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as HR and Finance, to align administrative practices with organizational goals and strategies.• Provide strategic guidance and support for administrative initiatives and projects, contributing to the overall success of the event.• Develop and maintain effective relationships with external partners, suppliers, and service providers to ensure timely and reliable support.• Manager records and documentation, ensuring confidentiality accuracy, and compliance with data protection regulations.• Act as a liaison between FIFA 26 CAN and FIFA headquarters, facilitating communication and information exchange.
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