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EURO 2024 FANTV Coordinator


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Nov 5, 2023


Job information
Division / Unit: Marketing / Editorial Content ServicesContract type: Fixed TermStart date: 01.03.2024End date: 15.07.2024Location: Nyon
Main goal
The FANTV Coordinator is an experienced TV/event coordinator who will work alongside UEFA's FANTV Manager to assist in the coordination and delivery of the live FANTV programme shown to spectators inside the stadiums at all 51 UEFA EURO 2024 matches. The FANTV output will be a package of event and match content, announcements, highlights, corporate and tournament-specific promotional material, fan engagement activities and music, all carefully choreographed to keep the match-going fan informed and entertained.
Key responsibilities
- Working alongside UEFA's FANTV Manager to ensure delivery of a coherent and compelling live entertainment concept at all 10 UEFA EURO 2024 venues- Working with the UEFA Editorial Content and HB Engineering teams to plan and define the role of all on-site FANTV production and technical crews- Assisting the FANTV Manager with all key administrative and logistical production tasks- Working closely with the FANTV Manager on the recruitment and contracting of staff, speakers and DJs, including related logistics- Assisting with the production planning/scheduling of pre- and in-tournament content- Assisting with in-tournament quality control from the International Broadcast Centre in Germany
Experience required:- from 4 to 6 years' experience as a production manager or coordinator in a live sports TV environment- from 1 to 3 years' experience in giant screen production, ideally in football
Languages:- English / Proficient- French / Beginner- German / Beginner
Additional requirements:- MS Excel / Proficient- MS Outlook / Proficient- MS PowerPoint / Proficient- MS Word / Proficient- Project Management / Proficient

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