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Nov 24, 2022

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U.S. Soccer Overview

We are U.S. Soccer and we are the future of sport in the United States. Our mission is to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States. We embrace diversity, technology and global connections to drive the growth of our sport and serve our athletes and fans. We seek motivated, passionate, skilled people who can think, create and work on a team.

U.S. Soccer is a growing company that looks for team members to grow with it. U.S. Soccer offers a comprehensive compensation package, casual work environment, an inclusive culture and an atmosphere for professional development.

The Federation's core principles set organization-wide standards to identify and foster our culture and inform how we interact and hold each other accountable. These principles guide U.S. Soccer: We Win Together. We Aim High. We Champion Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. To be successful as a USSF employee, it is critical to demonstrate and live up to these principles every day and with every interaction with peers, stakeholders, and partners.

The Federation's core values are the individual attributes and characteristics that staff embody to uphold the organization's principles and succeed. These values guide our employees: Integrity. Commitment. Teamwork. Respect.

Position Description

Reporting to the Director of Coaching Education, the Educator Developer will lead the newly formed educator pathway. Educators, from Grassroots to Pro, take part in a four-part educator course to be certified to teach for a 3-year period. This process first provides educators with fundamental U.S. Soccer coaching education concepts. From there, the educator begins their course level-specific training, which will then continue with the teaching of a course.

The Educator Developer will lead this process while integrating into the department's other two main strategic areas: Formal Education and Continuous Professional Development.

Primary Responsibilities

The Educator Developer will focus on three main areas:
Establish and expand a formalized Educator Pathway for GR-Pro and all other formal courses
Identify, educate, and support educators to expand the delivery (quality and variety) of courses at all levels with a focus on diversity
Provide development opportunities for educators and educator developers

The Educator Developer Will Be Responsible For

The Educator Developer will work closely with and report to the Director of Coaching Education.
Leading the Educator Pathway
Developing and growing the Educator course
Teaching, guiding, and assessing educators
Managing the learning environment
Contributing to the Department's Vision and Strategy
Co-creating and implementing the specific sequences of actions and schedules which support the development of the Educator pathway strategic plan (including the Educator Developer pathway)
Co-creating and implementing education opportunities with specific sequences of actions and schedules which support the development of Educators and Educator Developers (Continuous Professional Development)
Tracking progress, assessing, and reporting following the department plan
The Educator Developer will foster positive working relationships with members and staff while representing the Federation and its interests. In addition, the Educator Developer might undertake additional responsibilities to support the fulfillment of department and/or organizational objectives.

The Educator Developer will have a working relationship with the operational staff, including but not limited to operational planning, event management, and member support.

Leading Oneself
Display, implement, and model moral and ethical standards when representing the Federation
Display the ability to continuously develop yourself and help others develop themselves through U.S. Soccer's philosophy on Learning and Teaching
Be a role model (demonstrate vulnerability and take responsibility) and maintain a growth mindset as a self-regulated learner
Organize, manage, and track projects from conception to implementation
Demonstrate collaboration skills to work toward a common goal with others
Utilize research and education-based evidence for improvements to programs and processes

Motivate, support, and inspire individuals and groups of students to engage in the learning process
Facilitate a learning environment based on adult learning principles that include a guided discovery process, collaboration, and interaction
Encourage behavioral change by applying effective teaching strategies and methods in a reality-based environment
Work in a team environment to co-create curriculum and content

Managing the Learning Environment
Create and organize conditions for an efficient and effective learning experience

Utilize an ongoing formative assessment process to monitor students' development, and provide meaningfully
and timely feedback to enhance the teaching process
Facilitate the process with active listening/guided questioning, thereby transferring responsibilities and ownership of the learning process to the student
Utilize summative assessment to determine if a student's demonstrated competencies meet the course
learning objectives/criteria by the end of the course experience


Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree in education or related discipline
U.S. Soccer A License
Related discipline connected to soccer (i.e., teaching/coaching pedagogy, adult learning, technology, or sport science)
Technical leadership experience within a club, league, or Federation
Minimum five years experience as a coach educator
Technology Proficiency in Teaching and Facilitating
Capable of working in fast-paced and demanding environments
Exceptional time management skills and ability to prioritize workflow
Must be able to connect "micro" details to the "macro" vision and mission
Ability to deliver high-quality work and execute under pressure and deadlines
Proficient Experience with Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook)
Excellent written and verbal communication combined with a professional demeanor
Able and willing to travel up to 20% of the year
Able and willing to work non-traditional hours, including evenings and weekends, as needed

Desired Qualifications
Passion for soccer
Bilingual (English, Spanish or other)
Background in educational roles
Thorough institutional knowledge of U.S. Soccer's mission, goals, technical plan, policies, practices, and procedures

Working at U.S. Soccer is a unique opportunity. Employees who work at U.S. Soccer have the following attributes:
Live our Principles & Values
Adopt a company-centric approach—Serve the Athlete and the Fan
Embrace and see learning as a lifelong pursuit
Possess a growth mindset—keeps an open mind and seeks new challenges
Practice self-assessment and self-reflection
Open to criticism and does not make excuses
Possess a tireless work ethic
Wants to be part of a team that wins
Has the ability to be firm but fair
Communicate in a direct, open and honest manner
Build relationships through genuine interpersonal skills

COVID-19 Vaccination
U.S. Soccer has mandated the Covid-19 vaccine and is requiring all staff to be fully vaccinated at the start of employment

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