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Birmingham County FA

Birmingham County FA

Disability Football Ambassadors


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Mar 4, 2024


Attend the Disability Football Ambassador Training’
Engage with selected 2 and 3-star England Football Accredited clubs following their completion of the Disability Friendly Club Training, to support in the creation of a bespoke disability game plan which will outline new club-based opportunities for disabled people which may include new playing provisions, coaching opportunities, and/or volunteering roles.
Drive engagement at every level of clubs to maximise and sustain these opportunities for disabled people.
Support clubs to build and sustain relationships with relevant local partners such as charitable organisations, disability support groups, educational establishments, alongside other key partners to promote the new opportunities.
Help clubs access relevant support including funding and coach development opportunities with support from the County FA.
To collaborate with County FA staff, national FA staff, disability football coach mentors, external partners, and wider members of the grassroots delivery team workforce.
Maintain records of the support being provided to grassroots clubs with the aim of providing clarity on work programmes, development opportunities and sharing of good practice.

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