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Saudi Pro League (SPL)

Saudi Pro League (SPL)

Director of Technical Development


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Saudi Arabia


May 14, 2024


About the job

Build and maintain strong relationships with SPL clubs to facilitate collaboration on projects and individual player technical development plans
Mentor, monitor, and advise on the management of selected league players, including national team members, U21 young internationals, and foreign PACE-acquired players
In Onboarding Phase 2, deploy Technical Regional Performance Leads for regular club and player engagements and aligning with club staff and programs
Implement a continuous professional development program for coaching staff and analysts to enhance their skills and use of data and technology
Drive the use of the Central Data System monitoring and record keeping system in the clubs, and use the system to maintain a complete overview of player performance and development
Integrate player care operations Player Wellbeing and Performance Culture, Fitness, and Physical Rehabilitation departments
Work in collaboration with SPL club coaches and Performance Teams to review, and improve where possible, the delivery of day-to-day technical processes
Provide evidence-based literature reviews/analysis to support a way of working at league-level and club-level


Advanced qualification in sports science, coaching education, or physical education
Extensive expertise and proficiency in coaching methodologies, tactical analysis, and technical skill development
Strong analytical skills and ability to leverage data solutions to advise on decisions related to technical development at league and club levels
Previous experience in a leading technical development role within an elite football organization (club, league, federation, or other)
Track record in improving technical standards at an elite football organization
Excellent communication skills and ability to manage interactions with a broad range of stakeholders at league-level, club-level, and the broader football ecosystem

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