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Feb 15, 2024


Millfield is synonymous with sport; it is our superpower, and we are proud to emphasise the significant impact it can have on student development. Millfield sees itself as the world leader in the development of children and a key strand of our mission is to be the best at immersing children in limitless academic, artistic, and sporting opportunities. The approach to sport at Millfield has always been different, and it will always continue to be so.

This is an opportunity to apply for one of the finest jobs in the sports or education sectors in the world, as we look to appoint the next Director of Sport following the highly successful tenure of Dr Scott Drawer who leaves us to take on the role of Performance Director, with the Ineos Grenadiers.

Millfield’s sporting philosophy centres on individuals finding a sport or activity they can be passionate about and providing engaging programmes to meet their needs. At Millfield, we support children in a wider array of sports than at any other school, and we enable them to access pathways that take them to professional roles within or around that sport, or simply to a lifelong love of participation, and a connection to health and wellbeing.

As the Director of Sport, you will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and development across all areas of sporting activity. This encompasses crafting and implementing comprehensive strategies, overseeing coaching initiatives, managing operations, and optimising our state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

Millfield is proudly a 3-18 school, and the Director of Sport’s work involves very close alignment with Millfield Prep School.

We currently enjoy partnerships and staff relationships with a wide range of professional sporting organisations, national governing bodies, and international organisations. The Director of Sport will look to build on and nurture those connections and will be part of defining the future of youth sport development in the UK and internationally.

The Director of Sport will join the highly ambitious, and challenging senior leadership team here at Millfield which provides access to all areas of school life. It is expected that the Director of Sport will live on site at Millfield and accommodation is provided to facilitate that.

This is a truly remarkable opportunity to be part of the future of youth sport and I hope that the job description provides a good understanding of what is required. If you would like a further conversation, then please do get in touch.

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