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Apr 17, 2024


ALBION SC was founded in 1981, and in 1998 the club of 6 teams moved in a direction to build a world class youth soccer club and become the industry leader. ALBION SC hired the best coaches and administrators, and developed an exemplary soccer curriculum based on technical superiority, game situations, and principles that would build a clear identity and style of play. Committed to the player and the best pathway for success in reaching the college or professional level, the club built a culture that fosters standards of excellence and winning habits to develop the player and person for a lifetime.

ALBION SC Central Valley (based in Fresno/Clovis, Ca) is seeking an experienced soccer professional to serve as our Placement Director. This position is ultimately responsible for ensuring the success of all of our U15-U19 teams, within the ALBION SC philosophy and curriculum. As well as, coordinating our College Placement Program

The successful applicant will be committed to the long term, holistic development of the individual player within the team concept. They will be comfortable leading other coaches and will be self motivated, self directed and driven to inspire excellence within their department. They will also be a team player who leads by example, and is aligned with a club driven development model.

The successful applicant will also head coach 2 teams.

B License (preferred)

College Coaching Experience (preferred)

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