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Digital Performance Marketer


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Jun 21, 2022

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The KBVB is fully committed to digitization and wants to use its communications and campaigns in a targeted manner. In order to achieve this, enormous efforts have been made in recent years to segment and personalize our communication even more. The RBFA app is our tool to create even more engagement with everyone on and off the pitch. From our players and players, coaches, umpires and supporters to anyone who is passionate about the game of football. The use of data plays a particularly important role in this. We want to tailor our campaigns even more to our different target groups and we want to optimize our messages and data segments for this. From push notifications to SMS actions, from building website traffic to app engagement, from dynamic content blocks to segmented newsletters. Tailor the entire marketing mix to receiving our message. We want to realize this with the help of the expertise and insights of an experienced performance marketer.

Your duties include the following:

You are the key figure for the effective use of our communications, campaigns & remarketing campaigns to the various target groups;
You know how to use and optimize the digital marketing mix and how to align it with a broader communication plan;
You fine-tune the overall marketing strategy based on analysis and KPIs to excellent results;
You know how to set up segmented and personalized communications and how to improve them for the best end result;
You are responsible for drawing out segmentations/data use cases;
You know how to use an omnichannel message for maximum reach and how to optimize it in terms of content;
You prepare mailings with input of content, images and calls-to-actions, with a lot of attention for conversions;
You translate objectives into marketing KPIs and follow them closely and adjust if necessary;
You plan and follow up on all communications, campaigns, launches and promotions in the digital field;
You are responsible for optimizing, analyzing and reporting the campaigns;
You follow our digital campaigns closely and make daily adjustments;
You are responsible for adjusting with action-oriented recommendations in areas such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and AB testing;
You know perfectly how to set up, analyse, adjust and evaluate campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.
You have mastered the art of remarketing and know how to implement it;
You know how to optimally plan and coordinate targeted/personalized bannering on your own app and website to achieve a high conversion;
You internally encourage analysis and optimization of our digital communications in areas such as content, data, social media, digital features;
You proactively come up with recommendations on which channels to use in a campaign and optimizations of existing communications;
You work closely with our data architects & data analysts;
You will have to make and give presentations;
You are responsible for sharing knowledge throughout the entire marketing team regarding KPIs and performance.


You have a master's degree and 4 to 5 years of experience in a similar function in a broad sense in a large organization;
You have built up relevant experience in the domain of performance marketing and you can clearly give examples of this knowledge;
You know the methodology and the different possibilities within performance marketing and you know how to coordinate everything;
You are up-to-date with all the latest developments and trends in the field of (performance) marketing and data;
You have demonstrable expertise in the field of Google Analytics;
You have extensive knowledge of SEO, SEA and advertising;
You have a good understanding of data and know better than anyone how to translate it into business objectives;
You combine flawless performance thinking with the correct execution of the set goals;
You have a good pen and can make and give attractive presentations.
Your language skills

You have an excellent knowledge of French, Dutch and English. Both written and spoken.
Your personality

You have strong communication skills and you can convince and motivate people;
You are always looking for solutions and you work proactively and customer-oriented;
You have a flexible attitude when performing your tasks in various technical areas;
You attach great importance to service and integrity;
You are a team player and you always consult with colleagues to achieve the intended objectives together;
You can enthuse people for conversion, performance, figures and KPIs.


An exciting workplace
A full-time contract of indefinite duration

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