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Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday

Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)


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Mar 19, 2024


The DSO will have a primary responsibility for the management of all safeguarding issues across the Club and be expected to ensure and maintain a safe environment for all children, young people, and adults at risk, working cohesively with all departments and Club stakeholders.

Main Duties: To play a lead role in developing and establishing the Club approach to safeguarding children, young people, and adults at risks. To report and refer child protection and/or poor practice complaints in line with club policies and further guidance as advised by The English Football League and The Football Association. To refer criminal record disclosures to the DBS Service in line with legal obligations. To manage any complaints about poor practice in line with the Club safeguarding complaints procedure. To maintain accurate, confidential, and up to date documentation on all incidents relating to the welfare of any child, young person, or adult at risk within SWFC. Reporting where required in line with GDPR regulations. To ensure all staff/volunteers working with children, young people, and adults at risk in “regulated activity” have an enhanced DBS/CRC clearance to be able to work in football. To ensure staff have the appropriate safeguarding training in place for their role. To deliver refresher safeguarding training. To ensure SWFC has in place appropriate policies and procedures for identifying, responding to, and reporting any concerns or disclosures of abuse. To disseminate to all staff working with children, young people and adults at risk, all up-todate legislative and good practice requirements in relation to safeguarding children. To liaise with parents and authorities in respect of any Safeguarding complaints. To play a key role in liaising on behalf of the Club with The English Football League (EFL) the Football Association (FA), the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Local Authority Social Services, the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), the Police Service and voluntary bodies to safeguard any children, young people or adults at risk. To manage any appropriate data-base systems related to safeguarding children in line with Data Protection Legislation. To respond to requests from the EFL and FA relating to safeguarding matters To facilitate or undertake induction training and other safeguarding training as required and keep a record of staff development in this connection. To ensure SWFC Single Central Record (SCR) is maintained and accurately records compliant information regarding staff DBS and Safeguarding. To work with HR around new staters and leavers within SWFC in ensuring safer recruitment practices. To deal with and monitor all occurrences of poor practice in safeguarding matters, reporting these as required and keeping appropriate records. To represent SWFC at appropriate training delivered by the FA and EFL and other agencies concerning safeguarding matters to ensure continued development. To take a lead role in raising knowledge and information on safeguarding matters both within SWFC and with external agencies. Undertake relevant training and demonstrate professional development. To be aware of all safeguarding concerns and referrals arising from SWFC activities and to act as the SWFC referral officer, having ensured that any incident has been discussed firstly with the SSM, in relation to the partnership/external bodies listed above plus any other organisations as required. To advise the Board on an ongoing basis on policy and strategy with regards to all safeguarding matters. To Chair or attend safeguarding subgroup meetings. To work all home games as point of contact for Safeguarding concerns
Other Duties Whilst relevant guidance will be available, a high level of initiative, decision-making and discretion will need to be demonstrated in the performance of duties. To ensure all duties and services provided are in accordance with health and safety requirements in the workplace. To comply with individual responsibilities, in accordance with the role, for health and safety in the workplace. To undertake any other reasonable duties appropriate to the grade that may be required from time to time.

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