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Shropshire FA

Shropshire FA

Designated Safeguarding and Workforce Officer


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Mar 20, 2024


• To support delivery of The FA Grassroots Football Strategy and Shropshire Business Strategy.

• To manage the Shropshire FA safeguarding work, in line with legislation, FA safeguarding policy, procedures, regulations, standards and guidance.

• To manage safeguarding and child protection concerns in a timely manner and in line with FA requirements and guidance.

• To significantly contribute to implementing and maintaining The FA’s Safeguarding Operating Standard for County FAs and driving safer practice in grassroots football.

• Support delivery of the coach development programme, liaising with FA coach development workforce and key stakeholders to meet the needs of the game.

• Recruit, retain and develop diverse coaches through The FA qualification framework and local CPD opportunities, with a focus on BAME and female coaches.

• Develop and deliver an annual action plan to support high-quality volunteer opportunities across grassroots football.

• identify sources of funding that will be of benefit to volunteers and provide advice and guidance to applicants.

• Analyse, and use data and insight, to design and develop local solutions that meet volunteer needs across all football pathways (women and girls, male and disability).

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