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Data Scientist


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Mar 1, 2024


At FC BARCELONA we guarantee selection processes free of prejudice and equal opportunities and non-discrimination for reasons of origin, gender, disability or age to all candidates during the selection process and who will be evaluated based on the requirements of the job offer with transparency.

At Barça we are MORE THAN A CLUB because we have a firm purpose: we want to transform the world through our way of understanding sport, with our Barça essence, and with our social commitment.

What is our essence ?

We have our own style ... when we play we want to win, but above all we want to play without giving up our style.
We are a school of life that trains people through sport.
We work for gender equality in sport by promoting women's teams.
We believe in the different disciplines, which is why we compete with 5 different professional sports.
We work with the best professionals and experts in the world of sport, generating new knowledge that we apply and share.
We know that sport can be a tool for social change ; therefore, our values ​​inspire our actions both on and off the pitch.
We are a Club owned by more than 144,000 members who make major decisions democratically.
We encourage the inclusion of diversity in an equitable way among all the people in our environment.

Because of all this, we can realize our purpose by being leaders, with our personality and our values.

The Department of AI and Research, department responsible for adopting and centralizing all decisions and projects related to FC Barcelona's AI in order to find new sources of income, being today a key part of the digital transformation from FC Barcelona; seeks to incorporate the figure of Data Scientist to be responsible for promoting the creation of new knowledge and new products for FC Barcelona using the club's data and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The main responsibilities of the position are:

Address, through Machine/Deep Learning, the issues raised by the management of the AI ​​Department.
Instruct the data teams to obtain the necessary data to perform the calculations.
Obtain answers to the questions raised by minimizing the calculation time and, when the results are objective, maximizing the accuracy of the questions raised.
Act as "Back-End Developers" generating the core of the software that will later be developed by the "Front-End Developers".
Prepare process reports and discuss protocol improvements.
Explain the process and the results achieved in the different areas of the club.
Lead the implementation of new projects, ensuring timely execution and compliance with quality standards.
Coordinate the execution of projects with internal departments and external suppliers.
Analyze and recommend improvements and alternative solutions to problems that arise during project implementation.
Prioritize incidents effectively for quick resolution, with proactive communication.

Previous training and experience :

Degree in Physics or Mathematics (we also value similar studies) with Master's in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
High level of English, Catalan and Spanish.
Minimum experience of 3 years in Big Data and/or Artificial Intelligence projects
Knowledge of programming (C, R, Phyton, Tensor Flow and PyTorch), Big Data algorithms, SQL / NoSQL, cloud architecture (Cloud platform), and Natural Language Processing.
Experience in Agile and Jira.

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