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Leeds United FC

Data Platform Engineer & Product Owner


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Dec 15, 2023


An exciting job opportunity has arisen at Leeds United Football Club for anyone with a passion in data or software engineering.
Elland Road has been the home of Leeds United since 1919 and remains one of English football's great theatres and is 'the only place for us' ever since. With a capacity of 37,890, it is one of England's largest football grounds.

Everyone at Leeds United is dedicated to working as one team and to be the best we can be.

Come be part of our fabulous team as we March on Together.

The Football Department at Leeds United is working to improve the use of data analytics and software tools to improve our operations. These tools will help us with player and coach recruitment, game analysis, player fitness, and other strategic elements. We are looking for individuals who have well rounded technical skillsets who can work independently on both current systems/processes and starting others from a blank slate.

Main Responsibilities:
• Lead the initial development of a data infrastructure to consume, clean and modify, store, and integrate data tables from various public and private sources. Maintain a data model schema that allows for complimentary pieces of data to be used in coordination with one another.
• Lead the initial development of our Data Platform (aka Football Platform), an easy-to-use suite of tools that help our organization (e.g. scouts, coaches, management, board members) to share information, coordinate work, consume relevant information, and prepare reports or analyses. This can either be the administration and customization of third party tools or building in-house web applications.
• Work with various external parties on designing intelligent ways to use data science to understand, inform, and predict the game of football. Work across the organization to educate and implement learnings from our analytical efforts.

Required Relevant Experiences:
• Data Engineering: Managing data infrastructure (ETL, Data Model, API management, etc), with tools such as Python, R, SQL and data storage platforms such as AWS, Redshift, Snowflake.
• Tech Ownership: Managing software development cycles with internal and remote contributors.
• Product management: Working with internal and external customers to understand their requirements and translating such understanding into effective products specs and requirements.
• Software Engineering: Writing custom code either for standalone tools or plug-ins, integrations, etc (HTML, Java, CSS etc).
• Strong communication skills both as an empathetic learner from our teammates/customers and an effective communicator (teacher) as we roll out tools and processes. Low-ego listener / collaborator.
• At least 3+ years and preferably 5+ years of professional experience in the realm of data engineering and software engineering, (with additional credit given to time in product development, data analysis).

Technical Skills & Experience we are looking for
• Experience outside of football (especially with respect to software or data engineering experience) is not only acceptable, but encouraged.
• Experience in professional football or football scouting is nice but is not required.
• High level of competency in use of data analysis tools such as Tableau, Power BI etc.
• Strong analytical and presentation skills.
• Able to work in a high pressured environment with a cool head and strong team work.
• Excellent organisational skills with the ability to work with total discretion.
• Ability to work locally to Leeds United (at Elland Road, and occasionally at Thorp Arch Training Ground).

Behavioural attributes we looking for:
• Inspires others and is a positive role model
• Is personable and able to connect and build relationships with others easily
• Demands high standards and has an attention to detail
• Shares the vision and values of the Club and is motivated to achieve its objectives
• Able to work in a high-profile environment with regular media coverage and public interest
• Is responsible and acts in the best interests of the Club
• Is open minded, innovative and willing to explore new ideas/concepts
• Enjoys facing challenges and have the resilience and resourcefulness to see complex tasks through
• Is proactive and able to identify and mitigate risks
• Is a collaborator and relishes the opportunity to work alongside others to overcome challenges and achieve goals
• Willing to share their knowledge experience as part of a community of practice
• Able to work with players, staff and other stakeholders of varying ages, experience, backgrounds and cultures
• Committed to personal development and continuous improvement
• Possesses a strong work ethic and are motivated to be the best they can be
• Able to promote the positive image of the Club
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Reliable, punctual & honest
• Excellent communication skills
• Positivity and objectiveness
• Ability to use initiative and be creative
• Ability to prioritise and manage time effectively
• Confident and assertive
• Ambition, passion and willingness to learn

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