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RC Celta

RC Celta

Data Analytics Manager


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Mar 31, 2024


We are looking for a highly qualified Data Analytics Manager to lead the collection, analysis and application of data in order to improve sporting performance and strategic decision making within the club. This role is essential to drive success both in the field and in aspects related to team management and development, providing value to the company with a professional, fresh and forward-looking vision.  

Directly dependent on the Football Directorate.


Data analysis and interpretation: Collect, analyze and extract significant insights from data related to player performance, game strategies, opponent performance, among other aspects relevant to the team's success.  
Development of predictive models: Use statistical and machine learning tools to create predictive models that help predict match results, identify key trends and optimize team strategies.
Performance Optimization: Collaborate closely with the coaching staff to identify areas of improvement in individual and collective player performance, as well as to develop specific data-driven strategies to maximize the team's potential.
Report generation and presentations: Prepare detailed reports and visual presentations that effectively communicate the findings and recommendations derived from data analysis, both to the coaching staff and club management.
Research and development: Stay abreast of advances in data analysis and related technologies, as well as explore new methodologies and tools that can improve the club's ability to obtain valuable insights from available data.  


Proactivity. With vision and that provides a strategy aligned with the company's objectives.
Digital. With knowledge and skills in digital environments, social networks, etc.
With analytical capacity and tool management. CRM, management systems, definition of customer-oriented processes.
Orientation to results.
Capacity for teamwork.

Requirements and professional experience

Bachelor's degree or university degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics or another related field. Additional training in data analysis or similar disciplines will be positively valued.
Previous experience in data analysis, preferably in a sports or human performance-related environment.
Proficient in programming tools and languages ​​such as R, Python, SQL, as well as experience manipulating large data sets and using visualization software (e.g. Tableau, Power Bl).
Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to convey complex findings clearly and effectively to different audiences, without requiring prior knowledge of football.
Passion for data analysis and desire to apply advanced analytical skills to improve team performance and success.


Incorporation into a company with a permanent contract.
Salary band according to internal equity: €35,000.
Incorporation into training and training project.
Non-salary remuneration program.

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