Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Creative Manager


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Posting Date

Nov 4, 2022

Role description

The Manager's main function is to work with the Executive Head of General Administration & Services in the production of event related artworks and ensure the production of collaterals are up to standard and as per the artwork and specifications approved.

The Manager shall also manage his/her time between design work and overseeing the design work of the staff(s) working on the projects to produce the best possible work in line with the AFC brand guidelines and to support the Executive Head and/or across departments to ensure overall effectiveness.

Organizational Relationships:

The Manager reports to the Executive Head of General Administration & Services and shall collaborate with the relevant Project departments for successful delivery of all AFC events;
The Manager is responsible to assist in maintaining stakeholders' relations, liaise and facilitate communication with event professionals and all relevant stakeholders and/or counterparts;
The Manager may report to managers and/or officers in the Department as and when necessary for the benefit of the work.

Essential Duties:

The Manager's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Create inspiring, strategic, and innovative ideas for the AFC brand and/or event;
Initiate and develop trends in creative ideas with an emphasis on event collaterals;
Work with the Executive Head and other departments to develop design solutions;
Responsible for the quality of execution and quality of thinking in guiding the design team to produce high level creative work;
Confer with Communications for copywriting and content and Procurement for production and to discuss department requirements and presentation concepts and to coordinate creative activities;
Successfully manage time and workflow of the design team's schedule in order to meet strict and sometimes aggressive deadlines;
Be able to creatively and effectively visualize and create concepts into the end product; giving direction on photography style, imagery, typography, iconography, etc.;
Confer with other AFC departments to determine objectives, budget, background information, and presentation approaches, styles and techniques;
Come up with the best creative and innovative solutions within approved budget;
Responsible for seeing the idea through the creative process to final sign off and production;
Manage own projects, working within budget and scheduling requirements;
Present concepts to departments for approval;
Any other tasks or duties as assigned by the Executive Head.

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required:

Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Art/Design or related field;
At least 2 years working as a designer in an agency environment with deep expertise in digital creative execution and best practices;
Creative with the ability to produce designs from scratch;
Have good knowledge of corporate branding and digital media;
Ability to imbibe good time management and multitasking skills in executing projects;
Excellent managerial and leadership skills to carry other team members along;
Knowledge about Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other design software programmes;
Self-driven, proactive and a strong team player.

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