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Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF)

Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF)

Coordinator/Senior Players status & Registration


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May 28, 2024


About the job
Roles and Responsibilities:-

The employee studies and processes requests for the transfer, registration, renewal, and coordination of male and female players (amateurs or professionals) in (clubs included within the unit’s tasks), whether grass football or futsal Or women's football or other popular leagues are among the management's responsibilities., by the employee carrying out the following procedures in accordance with “what is stipulated in the professional regulations, the registration regulations, the annual registration periods circular, and other circulars.” Relevant.

Minimum Qualifications:-

Bachelor’s degree (from a recognized Saudi university) .
Proficiency in the Arabic language, spoken and written

Minimum Experience:-

Minimum two years of experience .
Proficiency in drafting in Arabic .

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities):-

Excellent academic and practical skills.
Excellent understanding of international sporting laws .
Good communication skills and ability to analyze problems .
High ethical commitment and professional confidentiality.
High skills in information technology (especially Microsoft Office).
A high sense of responsibility .
Commitment to the highest practical standards .
Flexibility and adaptability; The ability to respond to frequent changes or unexpected . developments with ingenuity, calm and skill.
A capable personality of working within a team .

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