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The Finnish Football Association

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Apr 11, 2022

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The Finnish Football Association is the largest sports federation in Finland in terms of the number of enthusiasts, which is responsible for our country's football and football activities and its development. There are already more than 140,000 registered players in Finland, and about 500,000 Finns deal with football every week. The values ​​of the Finnish Football Association are joy, reliability, success and community.

We are looking for a full-time job

Competition experts for the southern region

employment for an indefinite period.

When a current competition expert moves into the position of competition manager, we will seek a successor for him.

You work in the competition team in the southern region in various positions in competition activities. Your duties include the operational tasks and advising on competition activities in the area. Your main guiding goal is the high-quality implementation and development of the region's competitive processes in cooperation with clubs. Your forerunner will be the Southern Regional Competition Manager.

Your duties will cover at least the following areas:

· Taking care of the operational processes of regional competition activities

· Management and coordination of regional competition activities

· Development of regional competition activities

· Communication, counseling and training for clubs and other areas

· Necessary refereeing and futsal support functions

The features we value are:

· Sufficient experience in similar tasks, working with rules and regulations, and the ability to apply rules and develop sets of rules

· IT skills required for the task

· Good pressure tolerance and customer service orientation

· Systematicity and management of competitive processes

· Ability and desire to develop competitive activities

· Accuracy, analytics and versatility

· Quick learning of new things and problem solving ability

· Good teamwork, collaboration and interaction skills

· Vision and competence to develop a positive operating culture

· Good knowledge of football and futsal as well as competition and club activities

· The task requires the ability to perform the tasks fluently in Finnish and, if necessary, in English.

You have the opportunity to work if necessary in the evenings and on weekends, as well as the ability to travel home. The position will be located at the Finnish Football Association's Helsinki office on Urheilukatu. In addition, there is the possibility of teleworking in the task.

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According to the agreement, the task will start during the spring / early summer, preferably as soon as possible.

Please send your application by 23:59 on April 24, 2022. Also attach your CV to your application. Please note that the application contains one video question. Further information on the position will be provided by the future competition manager for the southern region, Janne Suvensalmi (041 516 4996) and the current competition manager, Risto Rissanen (040 688 2474).

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