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West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion

Community Champtions (Diversity & Inclusion) Voluntary - The Albion Foundation


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Feb 28, 2024


As part of our Community Champion offer, we have some principles that allow us to give structure and individual roles:
BESPOKE Made for a particular need in a certain area or community to encourage and support new people into roles as deliverer, volunteer and coach.
CONNECTED Familiar with the community they wish to help, creating greater confidence for community members and become involved with community provision.
PERSONAL Built on relationships and trust.
CREATIVE Being curious in finding new and appropriate ways of empowering, engaging and inspiring others to feel they belong.
Each role will be offered within the following towns of Sandwell:
Smethwick, Soho Victoria
Smethwick, St Pauls
West Bromwich, Central

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