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Norwegian Football Association

Norwegian Football Association

Communications Officer


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Mar 4, 2024


NFF Oslo is directly subordinated to the Norwegian Football Association (NFF). We organize football activities in Oslo, Nesodden, Nordre Follo, Bærum and parts of Asker municipality.
NFF Oslo comprises 135 clubs with 4,100 teams and 55,000 active players/coaches/managers. The circuit administers approximately 33,000 matches per year. year.
The circuit administration in NFF Oslo currently consists of 16 employees who work in two departments – a development department and a competition department. In the coming years, NFF Oslo will contribute to increased participation in football through increased activity in several areas.
NFF Oslo is looking for you to be our new communications manager / strategic advisor. The position is twofold. You will contribute to raising and professionalizing our ability to communicate both internally and externally to our clubs, the media and other social actors. The position will help to highlight and highlight both the clubs' activities, the circuit's own products and offers, and in that way contribute to strengthening the circuit's and football's reputation. The position will work closely with the general manager, the board in the circuit and professional positions in the development department, and will contribute actively to increased knowledge among those active in the football circuit about the NFF/NFF Oslo's role, competence offer and the framework for the activity.
The NFF emphasizes breadth and diversity in working life. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability. Women in particular are encouraged to apply.

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