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BVC Bloemendaal

BVC Bloemendaal

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Apr 16, 2024


BVC Bloemendaal stands for development and fun.
To complete our framework for the coming season, we are looking for:

🟠Head coach U9 and Head coach U10
As a head coach, you are responsible for the training organization and the quality of the training sessions of a group
You determine the content of the training courses in collaboration with the HJO and the team trainers
You take care of managing, supporting and developing team trainers (these are young trainers/parents/trainees)

🟠Talented trainers
For various junior and 11v11 teams, we are looking for talented trainers who are at the beginning of their coaching career.
So do you want to develop as a trainer? Then BVC is the association where this is possible.

🟠Video Analyst
At BVC Bloemendaal we have the VEO system.
We are looking for a video analyst who will coordinate the filming of matches and can support the trainers in the use of images.
This applies to both breadth and selection teams.

Are you interested in 1 of the above roles?
Please contact Danny Koper HJO of BVC Bloemendaal via
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