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FFF - Fédération Française de Football

CNF medical assistant M/F


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Apr 1, 2022

Role description

As part of a permanent contract, we are looking from May for a medical assistant at the Clairefontaine medical center. In charge of welcoming patients, planning activities and administrative and accounting follow-up, you will act as an interface between all the interlocutors of the Clairefontaine medical center.

As such, your missions will be the following:

1. Medical secretariat

Welcome, inform and guide patients;
Manage the telephone reception and the processing of emails/mails from the center;
Archiving and classifying files and correspondence.
Make appointments and update the agendas of doctors and contractors;
Create and monitor patients' administrative files and then provide them with support in the event of difficulties;
Organize and plan medical check-ups;
Enter examination reports;
Create and update the planning tables for players in care and invoicing;
Keep the structure's activity schedule up to date (external speakers, trainees, training, e-round table, conferences) and the schedule of players in care;
Establish quotes, monitor the progress of requests for rehabilitation stays;
Carry out invoicing, collection of medical acts and make the declaration to social security organizations and mutual insurance companies;
Carry out accounting management operations and monitor dashboards (quantified activity / monitoring of unpaid bills / monitoring of CPAM and mutual insurance transfers).

2. General means

Coordinate exchanges with suppliers/service providers and administrative bodies (Town Hall, sub-prefecture, etc.);
Identify office or medical supply needs, place orders, enter purchase requests and track billing;
Follow up on recurring maintenance, health checks and safety commissions;
Monitor energy consumption.

We are looking for a talent that meets the following profile:

You justify a minimum of 2 years' experience on similar missions in a health establishment or in a management secretariat;
You have excellent interpersonal skills and you are recognized for your sense of organization;
You master the techniques of secretarial, administrative and accounting management;
You are familiar with office tools (Pack Office, etc.);
You are recognized for your writing skills, your rigour.

Your application is expected by April 10, 2022 at the latest.

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