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Finland Football Association

Finland Football Association

Club Development Manager


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Oct 23, 2023


What role do we offer you?

In your role, you will be able to influence the development of football and futsal clubs in your area, as well as the paid and volunteer workers working in them. Your area of ​​responsibility includes club evaluations of the renewed quality system, club-specific operational guidance derived from them (national/regional) and various club development projects implemented in the regions. In your role, you will also participate in maintaining and strengthening the club dialogue and, as part of the national club team, in the development work of all Finnish club activities.

Your core competencies

We are an expert organization and the prerequisite for our success is that we get different actors to come together for a common goal. Features we value are:

Service spirit and attitude
Excellent communication and interaction skills
Understanding and know-how of managing effective development processes
The ability to produce high-quality content
Vision and know-how to develop a positive operating culture
Experience, understanding and knowledge of quality systems
Appraisal experience is an advantage
Strong knowledge of sports club activities, experience in club work is considered an advantage
Experience in front-line and management positions is considered an advantage
Good ICT skills and experience in using various electronic systems
The possibility to work in the evenings and weekends if necessary
Willingness to travel domestically

More about the task 

Your tasks include at least the following areas:

Foreman tasks of the social service team of the southern region
Quality system evaluations
Operational guidance of the clubs and other development processes to be implemented with the clubs
Participation in the maintenance and development of continuous club dialogue
Participation in measures related to the development of the skills of social workers (e.g. trainings, forums, seminars)
Supporting the work of full-time and volunteer members of clubs
Participation in measures to support the growth of the clubs' number of enthusiasts and players
Personal national development responsibilities are defined according to your skills after starting the employment relationship

What kind of profile are we looking for

We expect your vision and ability to be involved in developing Finnish football and futsal clubs even stronger and more capable. With your being, you bring enthusiasm, faith and know-how to club members and enable their success with your work. You will be known for your service spirit and attitude through your work. You have excellent cooperation, interaction and communication skills.

We hope that you have at least a lower university degree and/or a degree in sports. You have a fluent (oral/written) command of at least the Finnish language. We expect you to be able to communicate (oral/written) also in Swedish and English.

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