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Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Assistant Manager, Referees


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Jul 4, 2024


About the job
The Assistant Manager of the Referees Department manages the appointments and the development of AFC Elite Match Officials, including Referee Assessors / Instructors for Men's Football for all AFC / FIFA Competitions.

Organizational Relationships

The Assistant Manager reports to the Director of the Referees Department, the Head of Operations of the Department, or anyone as assigned by the Deputy General Secretary (Competitions and Football).

Duties and Responsibilities

The Assistant Manager's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
Manage the master appointment charts and work-flow charts.
Plan and draft appointments and replacements of Match Officials, manage the online appointment system, and monitor the progress of the Match Official appointments.
Manage the data for refereeing performances such as grading.
Plan and organize necessary refereeing courses and manage online coaching programmes for the development of Men's Match Officials.
Manage and administer the refereeing recruitment process, such as the organization of Recruitment Courses and Assessment Visits for the Men's Referees, and manage the data and progress of the recruitment process.
Close initiated projects, including (but not limited to) by creating a project report or evaluation document by capturing and using relevant lessons learned.
Generate and manage documents for Match Officials and Member Associations (MAs), including requirement specifications, schedules, personnel records, project reports, communication records (email), design specifications, and status reports.
Archive files, records, and documents.

Knowledge/Abilities/Skills Required

Minimum Bachelor's Degree holder in relevant fields.
At least 2 years of relevant working experience in related fields, incorporating experience in an international organization.
Good command of basic refereeing technical knowledge. A high profile refereeing background is an asset.
Excellent communication skills, proficient in written and spoken English.
Good project management, administrative, and interpersonal skills.
Strong time management skills.
Highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications.

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