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Assistant Athletic Trainer


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Dec 18, 2022

Role description

Job Overview  The Assistant Athletic Trainer will contribute to the day-to-day sports medicine operations for OL Reign. In this capacity, the Assistant Athletic Trainer will help with daily training needs, including but not limited to: daily sports medicine team meetings, pre-training treatments, taping and medical assessment, injury prevention strategies, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation for Players' medical problems. The performance of duties will be under the direction and supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer and the Director of Sports Medicine. The Assistant Athletic Trainer will work closely with the Head Athletic Trainer, Team Physician(s) (CMO), Director of Sports Medicine and/or Chief Soccer Officer/General Manager/Director of Soccer Operations daily.  A full-time employee, the Assistant Athletic Trainer will attend training sessions, scrimmages, and home games. At the discretion of the Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine, the Assistant Athletic Trainer may be asked to travel and assist on away games. The Assistant Athletic Trainer will be responsible for covering the medical needs of player reserves training and performing any necessary treatments and rehabilitation for players that do not travel to away games.  Licenses or Certifications  NATA BOC (or CATA) Certified Athletic Trainer/Therapist  In good standing with NATA BOC  WA State or Province License in the state/province in which the club calls home, if required by the state/province  CPR certification for Health Care Provider  Maintain professional liability insurance  Minimum four (4) year college/university bachelor's degree  Master's degree or higher in related healthcare field or license work experiences  Minimum three (3) years certified athletic trainer Experience with elite level athletes  Experience working in a high tempo, high stress environment  3 years of soccer experience is required  Assistant Athletic Trainer Primary Duties and Responsibilities  Working in collaboration with the OL Reign Medical Staff and under the supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine:  Manages the healthcare of players including, but not limited to first aid/emergency care, on-site injury evaluation, application of appropriate modalities, development of early-stage rehabilitation programs and injury risk reduction programs, as well as conducting early-stage rehabilitation and making medical referrals  Manages daily training set-up, including but not limited to hydration set-up, emergency response planning, Gatorade and any additional fueling needs Provide daily pre and post training treatment, taping and medical assessments as needed under the supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine Responsible for game-day set-up and take down, including fueling snack bags, away team hydration, sideline set-up, hot and cold tubs, injury ice and emergency equipment placement. Comply with OSHA standards regarding blood borne pathogens  Order, maintain, and inventory supplies and clinical equipment  Keep athletic training room and clinic area safe, clean, and organized  Maintain a complete and up to date roster of player health and participation records in the league-provided electronic medical record (EMR) system  Electronically document accurate first report of injury, physician diagnosis, player assessments, Player treatments, and return to play dates Initiate insurance/worker's compensation claims for players and facilitate the workers compensation claims process wherever needed Compile reports as required by the league  Help the club medical staff regarding player health and safety  Under the direction of the club physicians and CMO, assist with the organization and maintenance of pharmaceutical inventory and records  Organize physical examinations as required by league regulations  Supervise medical interns, and volunteers  Demonstrate interpersonal skills required to work effectively with players, coaches, other club personnel and league staff  Comply with all league’s medical policies and protocols  Attend all activities/meetings/programs as required by the league  Perform other duties as assigned or required by the league Possess excellent interpersonal and relationship skills Preferred Interest and expertise in the women’s game and the growth of the women’s game Willing to work as a team player and has experience with high performing athletes Clear and concise communication strategies with both players, staff, and stakeholders We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

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