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FFF - Fédération Française de Football

FFF - Fédération Française de Football

Apprentice "Educational Project" Structuring & Development of Clubs


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Mar 27, 2024


As part of a one-year apprenticeship contract starting in September, we are looking for an apprentice in "Educational Project" for Club Structuring and Development. Attached to the Amateur Football League, you will actively participate in federal "educational" programs intended for clubs, in collaboration with Leagues and Districts.

As such, your missions will be as follows:
1. “Living Club” system

Manage the dedicated steering group;
Lead and manage the system with the 500 selected clubs in conjunction with local authorities;
Update the accompanying guide;
Organize and monitor meetings and award ceremonies for winning clubs.
2. “Poudre Football – School support” system

Support clubs involved in collaboration with local authorities;
Promote the system and recruit clubs;
Maintain the relationship with the institutional partners of the system;
Develop methodological tools for the benefit of clubs;
Manage allocations linked to the system.
3. Federal Educational Program

Coordinate the dedicated website (content writing, communication with territories and clubs);
Write and promote educational content;
Ensure monitoring of the PEF National Challenge.

We are looking for talent with the following profile:
You are a Bac +5 level student in sports/event management or business school, and are recognized for your great rigor and organization;
You have good knowledge of all football practices, sports institutions and local authorities;
You master event project management techniques;
You are comfortable with office tools (Office pack);
You are recognized for your oral ease and your writing skills

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