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Al-Ittihad Club

Al-Ittihad Club

Academy Scout


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Saudi Arabia


Apr 19, 2024


our professional or academy teams. The Scout will be analyzing videos and recorded games to identify potential players. The scout will also attend local matches, tournaments, and events to assess players' skills, physical abilities, and potential for development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Review and analyze games on TV or video (Recorded games through our digital platforms).

- Attend matches, tournaments, and events to identify and evaluate potential players.

- Assess players' technical skills, tactical awareness, physical abilities, and mental attributes.

- Analyze player performance and provide detailed scouting reports.

- Build relationships with coaches, agents, and players to gather information and recommendations.

- Stay up to date on current football trends, players, and teams.

- Collaborate with the Head of Scouting to develop scouting strategies and target players.

- Attend meetings and discussions to present scouting findings and recommendations.

- Maintain accurate records of scouting reports, player profiles, and talent databases.

- Adhere to club or academy guidelines, policies, and regulations.

Education and Training:

- Bachelor's degree in Sports Management, Coaching, or related field (preferred)

- Coaching licenses or certifications (it will be a plus)

- Additional training in scouting techniques, player analysis, and talent identification (it will be a plus).

Years of Experiences

- 1-2 years.


- Previous experience as a football scout, coach, or football analyst.

- Strong knowledge and understanding of soccer tactics, techniques, and player development.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

- Strong analytical and observational skills.

- Proficiency in using scouting tools, software, and technology.

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