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Blackburn Rovers FC

Blackburn Rovers FC

Academy Player Care Officer & Designated Safeguarding Officer


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Dec 14, 2023


1. Job purpose:
Development and delivery of a high quality player care provision throughout the Academy. To support the Head of Education in operational and administrative duties relating to the wellbeing and care of players aged 9-21.
2. Duties and responsibilities:- To be committed to ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of all elite players, promoting their well-being whilst maintaining professional boundaries;- To represent EDI for the Academy by attending meetings and being responsible for EDI within the Academy.- Produce and manage a strategy for the use of temporary and full time Host Families for player accommodation;- Support the SEP Coordinator in helping deliver the specific player care elements of the Sporting Excellence Professional Apprenticeship;- Support the Head of Education in the completion of player care elements on LFE apprenticeship reviews;- To liaise with parents in relation to all aspects of player pastoral support;- To formally monitor the transition of newly signed players and their induction in the training programme by implementing the Academy transition strategy- To lead and manage the Parent and Player voice initiatives disseminating information back into the Senior Management Team at timely intervals;- Continue to enhance the Academy’s life skills development programme, leading on organising relevant workshops/awareness weeks;- To work closely with the Academy Psychologist to manage the Academy’s Mental Emotional Wellbeing pathway strategy;- Within a multi-disciplinary capacity, monitor initial destinations of players exiting the Academy at Pre 16 and develop the Alumni database for playersgraduating the apprenticeship, leading on the general after care of players transitioning out;- Support the development of an EDI strategy for the Academy that is in line with the clubs overall strategy;- To represent EDI for the Academy by attending meetings and being responsible for EDI within the Academy.- To complete relevant CPD specific to the job roles and responsibilities; and- Support the continual update of the education and welfare aims and objectives within the Academy Performance Plan as part of the EPPP.

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