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West Ham United FC

Academy Physical Development Coach YDP/FP


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Apr 30, 2024


About the job
Position - Academy Physical Development Coach YDP/FP x3

Hours per week: 16

Location: Chadwell Heath/Little Heath/Rush Green

Closing Date: 6th May 2024

Provide elite physical development support that improves the competency, character, and capacity of the FP/YDP age groups. This should be in line with the department methodology, while positively contributing to MDT operations by providing information & insight to support decision-making.

Key Responsibilities:

· As a key member of the FP and YDP programs, plan, deliver, and review physical development (on-pitch, off-pitch, Return to Play) on a whole-squad and individual player basis as needed. Assist with the delivery of other age groups, Return to Play, and Complex Cases as required.
· With direction from the Head of Physical Development and Lead FP/ YDP PDC, ensure the implementation of the Multisport Curriculum, Exercise Competency Curriculum, and Movements that Matter Competency Curriculum, so that we produce trainable athletes (Competency, Character, Capacity).
· Assist the planning, delivery, and reporting of physical profiling to the YDP age groups, Return to Play, and Complex Cases in line with department methodology.
· Implement the department system of monitoring (workload, well-being, growth and maturation, growth-related injury monitoring) with the YDP age groups including data collection, analysis-interpretation, and feedback/reporting to inform MDT communications and decision-making, in line with department methodology.
· Work in partnership with the Phase Lead and age group coaches to ensure a collaborative approach to session design and delivery that achieves both technical/tactical and physical outcomes.
· Support matchday physical performance support to YDP age groups including performance preparation, nutrition provision, and supporting the coaching team.
· Work closely with other FP and YDP physical development staff to ensure that FP and YDP players are transitioning into the next phase with the appropriate level of physical capabilities to thrive within that programme.
· Be an ambassador for the physical development team, by playing a role in improving department and academy philosophies, systems, and processes. Work collaboratively with staff to develop ideas to contribute to department alignment, best practices, and iterative improvement.

Key Performance Indicators

· YDP Players make improvements in the ‘Movements That Matter’ of the West Ham Way
· YDP Players make improvements in the ‘Underpinning Physical Qualities’ of the West Ham Way
· Minimize FP/ YDP players' time loss to injury (soft tissue/non-contact)
· Develop the movement competency of FP and YDP players in line with the Exercise Competency Curriculum, Movements That Matter Competency Curriculum and Multisport Curriculum
· Physical development support that positively impacts FP and YDP player education

Macro / Annual

· An annual plan created around LTAD in line with the department philosophy, Multisport Curriculum, Exercise Competency Curriculum, and Movements that Matter Competency Curriculum.
· Physical profiling process planned and completed a minimum of 3+ times per year as directed by the Head of Physical Development and Lead YDP PDC
· Annual review of age group physical development progress presented to key stakeholders
· FP G&M report produced and shared with relevant stakeholders

Meso / 8 Weekly Blocks

· Mesocycle plan created to support physical development
· Plan, deliver, record, reflect on, and communicate physical profiling for the YDP
· Create Individual plans as necessary relating to movement competency and stage of maturation
· YDP growth & maturation data are collected and uploaded to internal systems, this data is to be reported to relevant stakeholders and integrated into practice.

Micro / Weekly

· Plan, deliver, record, and reflect on the multisport program.
· Plan, deliver, record, and reflect on squad and individual sessions/programs inline with the Exercise Competency Curriculum and Movements that Matter Competency Curriculum
· Liaise with MDT on weekly microcycle and structure
· Liaise with MDT on session design and implementation
· Recorded off-field gym-based sessions on Teambuildr (attendance, session plan, load)
· Record and track Growth-related injury soreness
· Record and track Training load


To engage in the necessary CPD and professional qualifications to further your expertise (ensuring all Premier League and FA stipulations are adhered to).
BSc In a relevant field (Minimum requirement = 2.2 or better)
Demonstrable experience working with athletes


Knowledge of Long-term Athletic Development
Knowledge of how growth and maturation affect youth footballers

Skills and abilities

Perform duties with due regard to club policies and procedures and legislative requirements at all times
Ensure working practices are compliant with relevant legislation and data protection legislation and/or general data protection regulations (GDPR) requirements
Ensure, where relevant, that all performance data is captured in a timely manner onto the Performance Management Application (PMA).
The ability to deliver pitch-based physical development sessions


FA Level 1, FA Level 2, FA Safeguarding, Emergency First Aid in Football (EFAiF)
Knowledge of Power BI
Knowledge of the EPPP
Knowledge of Vald systems
Knowledge of Catapult Systems
The ability to deliver gym-based physical development sessions

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