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Academy Head of Talent ID and Recruitment


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Jun 4, 2024


Our Values are simply the things that are most important to us and will be demonstrated through the way in which we behave in achieving our business objectives. Our people are at the centre of the delivery of our Club Values.

The positions purpose is to help drive the Academy Mission of being a Football Club that drives success, where every individual fulfills their potential. To be a leader within the academy, directly overseeing strategy, administration, and procedures across the academy recruitment department. To ensure that the Academy identifies, recruits and retains the best young players. Ensuring that the recruitment department is compliant with all Youth Development Recruitment Rules and procedures. To drive the key recruitment department objectives set out in the Academy Performance Plan and Academy Technical Plan.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Directly line manage the Recruitment Manager’s for all process and procedures.

• Oversee the MDT integration of the recruitment department across the academy.

• Plan, lead, and minute Recruitment department meetings with relevant staff.

• Embed, review and update the Recruitment Department Plan and ensure it is aligned with the aims of the Academy Technical Plan.

• Work with recruitment staff to build positive and impactful relationships with partner clubs and wider stakeholders to support Talent ID.

• Oversee all recruitment regulations and administration to ensure the best possible functioning, whilst ensuring adherence to all youth development rules and regulations. Ensuring all recruitment staff have up to date Safeguarding training and certification.

• Lead the academy EPPP audit submission and management for the recruitment department.

• Manage the recording and analysis of recruitment reports, giving department staff consistent evidence-based insights on player recruitment and staff activity.

• Lead the academy Succession Planning process across all age groups, generating an aligned and informed process across the programme embedding both recruitment and coaching data.

• Coordinate the strategy behind player/family relationships of high-potential players across the programme with Player Development and Technical staff to support player retention.

• Ensure staff across the department are knowledgeable and compliant with the latest technology services e.g., SAP, Hudl.

• Support recruitment staff in the decision-making process of trialists.

• Work with recruitment staff to ensure the best experiences for trialists are had, when being inducted, during their trial and when exiting from a trial.

• Be a consistent presence onsite for the Recruitment Department being a conduit of information and communication to other academy departments.

• Role model and uphold the academy values at all times.

• Support the Academy Director in maintaining a Closer More Personal culture for players and staff.

• Be an active member of the Academy Management Team.

• Maintain the highest standards of safeguarding.

• Undertake continuous professional development.


Fulham Football Club acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of children, young people

and adults at risk who are under the Club’s care or utilising the Club’s facilities.

As part of Fulham Football Club’s commitment to providing a safe environment for children and adults at risk the Club

requires all staff in child, young person and ‘adult at risk’ facing roles:

• To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for these groups;

• Will have read and understood the suite of safeguarding policies including safeguarding children policy, adults at risk

policy, anti-bullying policy, whistleblowing and equality policy;

• Understand and promote staff and players code of conduct;

• Will understand how to refer a concern;

• To be consistent role models;

• To complete the Fulham safer Working Practice Workshop as part of induction and the FA Safeguarding Children

workshop; and

• To monitor repeated incidents of poor behaviour and liaise with their DSO or Head of Safeguarding.


We are committed to supporting an environment where all staff have a personal responsibility to uphold the Club’s Equal

Opportunities Policy by treating fellow employees, prospective employees, casual workers, prospective casual workers, players,

prospective players and customers fairly and impartially.

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