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Manchester City FC

Manchester City FC

1st Team Performance Insights Analyst


Role Type


First Team

Posting Date

Jan 10, 2023

Role description

MCFC Men’s 1st Team Performance Analysis department plays a key role in informing strategy, analysing and communicating actionable insights related to match preparation, team performance and individual player development.
This role will integrate, analyse and visualise sports science, injury and performance data to help provide more incisive and actionable insights for 1st Team practitioners and coaches.
Role specific accountabilities:
Develop and manage integrated and insightful dashboards / reports that inform science, medicine and performance analysis operations.
Work with CFG’s Football Intelligence team to capture, manage and ensure the provision of science, medicine and performance data.
Deliver bespoke and integrated analyses to provide actionable insights for practitioners and coaches which, inform individual player development and team performance review / planning.
Support practitioners and coaches to continue developing their data literacy and capability to use date insights to inform team and individual performance decisions.
Role specific knowledge, skills and experience:
Strong expertise in utilising Tableau to drive actions & decision making. Insatiable curiosity, imagination and creativity to come up with ideas to tackle performance challenges and design/implement cutting edge solutions.
Evidence of working with, deriving & clearly communicating actionable insights from football data, either as a hobby or within previous employment.
Ability to work in an agile manner suited to the innovative & fast-paced nature of the football industry.
Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team to understand the performance questions and create strategies that deliver positive interventions.
Creative problem solver with the drive and discipline to learn and develop new skills.
Experience working and communicating in a high-performance sport environment.
Practical or academic experience working as or with sport scientists or medical teams.
Ability to evidence skills in scoping, developing & delivering clear, beautiful visual analytics tools.
Experience with SQL

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