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Colchester United FC

Colchester United FC

1st team Lead Sports Scientist


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First Team

Jul 1, 2024


About the job
Colchester United FC .

Job Purpose

Job Description- 1st team Lead Sports Scientist

Lead, Develop and deliver the Sports Science programme for Colchester United first team. To enhance physical performance of all players individually and collectively in readiness for match day performance and long term player development.

Report To

Sporting Director and First team Head Coach

Role And Responsibilities.

To progress athletic development, Strength & Conditioning and physiological assessment.
Deliver a programme of physical assessments to measure and progress physical capabilities of individuals.
Develop and monitor individual physical programmes for each player including strength, athletic, pre-hab, functional movement and nutrition.
Work with Academy staff to deliver a CPD programme for staff in the Sports Science & Medicine department.
To integrate with all Academy department staff to deliver a holistic development programme for all players.
To work with Head of Sports Medicine to develop rehabilitation plans for injured players.

Required Qualifications

MSc in Sports Science or related discipline.
Strength and Conditioning qualification.
1st Aid at work/Emergency Aid.
Having previous 1st team involvement and experience is preferred.

All Staff must be aware of all Safeguarding and Equity and Diversity issues, along with all Football Club policies, rules and regulations.

Salary - £30,000-£32,000

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