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Extra Soccer is a career management company for players.


If you do not want a contract with an agent, Extra Soccer Agency services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

There are no contracts - enabling you to work with other agencies.


Matthew Turner

Cardiff City FC - Wales


Otis Khan

Grimsby Town FC - England


Luke Rae

FC Grótta - Iceland


We interact with a number of players, and many of them are uncomfortable to sign a contract with an agency after potentially been let down by other agents whilst searching for a trial or a new club.

Extra Soccer Agency Services fully understands this, and the reality is that many players don't actually require an agency, but they do need assistance in certain areas in their professional lives.

In order to provide players and parents at any age and level with unrestricted guidance and assistance, we developed our Agency Services. This assistance can range from coaching to help and guidance with contract negotiations.

We have worked with players of various ages, nationalities, and levels taking them to all parts of the world.

We can offer genuine and knowledgeable guidance on a wide range of topics, including promotion, CV writing, keeping optimistic whilst searching for a new opportunity and future career planning.


You don't need to sign a contract with us and we can assist you as little or as often as you wish as all of our services are pay as you go.

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