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Unveiling the Week's Premier Football Drills



Extra Soccer's Weekly Drills for your coaching context. Whether it's enhancing passing accuracy, new attacking drills, or developing clinical finishing, Extra Soccer's weekly drills can give you new ideas.

Here's a compilation of the top football drills of the week that can be utilised within your coaching context.

1. Passing Pattern Precision

This week's training spotlight shines on the Passing Pattern drill, designed to sharpen your team's passing accuracy and details. Elevate your team's passing game and reinforce a synchronized playing style with this dynamic and effective drill that can be progressed in different ways.

2. Passing and Receiving into 1v1 Towards Goal

Experience one-on-one scenarios with the Passing and Receiving into 1v1 towards goal drill. This session allows both attacking and defensive skills, emphasizing precise passing, receiving, and the ability to beat defenders. Elevate your players' confidence and composure in 1v1 situations.

3. Hat-Trick Shooting Excellence

Cap off your training week with the Hat-Trick Shooting drill, a goal-scoring masterpiece. Sharpen your players' shooting prowess as they strive for a hat-trick – three goals in quick succession. This drill not only refines accuracy but also nurtures the killer instinct required in the final third. Watch your strikers develop clinical finishing abilities, ready to leave their mark on the scoreboard.

Incorporate these drills into your club's training routine, and let us know how it goes. From precise passing to goal-scoring proficiency, these exercises from Extra Soccer can elevate your squad's skill set and bring a newfound skills to the pitch. Stay tuned for more weekly highlights.

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