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Mastering the In-Swinging-Cross: A Step-by-Step Coaching Guide

Extra Soccer

Apr 29, 2023

Unlock the Secrets of the In-Swinging-Cross: A Guide to Scoring More Goals

The in-swinging-cross is a popular attacking technique in football that has proven to be very effective in creating goal-scoring opportunities. This move is characterized by a curling ball that is played into the box, from the side of the field, towards the opposition's goal.

The in-swinging-cross requires a great deal of skill and technique to execute properly, but with the right coaching and practice, players can add it to their arsenal of attacking moves. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step coaching guide on why the in-swinging-cross is so effective, and how players can perfect it.

Step 1: Understanding the Importance of Body Positioning

The first step in mastering the in-swinging-cross is understanding the importance of body positioning. A good in-swinging-cross requires the player to have their body positioned correctly before making the cross. This involves positioning their body at an angle that allows them to swing their dominant foot over the ball to create the necessary curve.

Step 2: Perfecting the Technique

Once the player has the correct body positioning, they must focus on perfecting the technique of the in-swinging-cross. This involves placing the non-dominant foot slightly behind the ball, and then using the dominant foot to strike the ball with the inside of the foot, creating a curling motion towards the goal.

Step 3: Practicing the Technique

The third step is to practice the technique until it becomes second nature. Players should practice the in-swinging-cross from different angles and distances until they can consistently execute the move accurately.

Step 4: Timing and Accuracy

The fourth step is to focus on timing and accuracy. A successful in-swinging-cross requires the player to accurately time their run and the delivery of the ball. The cross should be made at the right moment, allowing the striker to get to the ball in the box.

Step 5: Creating Opportunities

The final step in mastering the in-swinging-cross is to focus on creating opportunities. This involves using the move strategically, with the aim of creating goal-scoring opportunities for the team. Players should be aware of their teammates' positions and the opposition's defensive structure, and use the in-swinging-cross to create gaps in the opposition's defence.


The in-swinging-cross is an effective attacking technique that can create numerous goal-scoring opportunities for teams. However, mastering this move requires a great deal of skill and practice. Players must focus on perfecting their technique, timing, and accuracy, and use the in-swinging-cross strategically to create opportunities. With the right coaching and practice, players can add the in-swinging-cross to their attacking arsenal and become a more dangerous team.

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